Bowmore and Aston Martin present the latest fruit of their collaboration

If you're a fan of luxury automotive design aesthetics and ultra-premium single malt whisky, the new collaboration between Bowmore Distillery and the Aston Martin is something you definitely have to keep in mind…

Bowmore is a single malt whiskey distillery located on the Isle of Islay, in a region known in particular for its peat-smoked whisky. Although Bowmore does produce a peated whisky, its level of smokiness is slightly lower than what you might expect from distilleries such as Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Port Charlotte. The distillery has been collaborating with luxury British car manufacturer Aston Martin for several years, with a range of premium single malts that explore different ends of the flavour spectrum, and even some bottles that are literally made from pieces of the car. This new release, Masters' Selection 22-Year-Old, comes after last fall's astronomically expensive and futuristically designed ARC-52, a more than half-century-old single malt whiskey encased in a spaceship-looking decanter. This new bottle is much more traditional, but the liquid in it is a great example of how more than two decades in casks have matched the Bowmore distillate.

Specifically, this term includes whiskey distilled in 1997 and 2000 and matured in American oak and sherry casks. Official tasting notes include sweet peach and apricot, tobacco, clove and medicinal aromas, followed by honey and a touch of sea salt. All of this is further accentuated by a subtle smokiness that supports the flavour rather than overpowering it. The whiskey is bottled at 51.5 percent ABV.

"We always strive to push the boundaries, whether it's design, engineering or performance, to achieve the best in every car we create," Aston Martin CCO Marek Reichman said in a statement. "Together with Bowmore Distillery, we can imagine, discover and create together, constantly drawing inspiration from each other". This will be one of the last collaborative efforts that recently retired Bowmore master blender Ron Walsh has been a part of, but it's one he's very proud of. We are talking about the synergy between the opposite worlds of the Bowmore and Aston Martin brands and that is what really defines the relationship that Marek and I have established," he said. "We enjoyed the opportunity to share experiences, ideas and thoughts from each other's worlds, listening and learning from the innate skills, knowledge and creativity we both possess."

The Bowmore Masters' Selection 22 Year Old Edition 2 is released this week in the US, UK, Germany, Canada and China with a price tag of $450. Unfortunately, the Aston Martin is sold separately.

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