Dark and fearless vision of luxury

Rolls Royce Black Badge

After an extraordinary Cullinan experience, we were introduced to the dark side of Rolls Royce luxury...

Rolls Royce is recognized throughout the world for its impressive style ... but what lies beyond that limit of luxury that our minds perceive?

A symbol of elegance, refinement and power. His strength and size knocks us down when we see him on the road ... and yet, each is a unique story in itself. Rolls would not be what it is if it did not succeed in accomplishing everything imaginable and unimaginable for its chosen ones. It found the way to the hearts of all real and successful men and women, and for those selected, who confirmed that they were gentlemen and ladies of style, it created bespoke models in accordance with all their wishes and needs.

At the moment when we thought that "bespoke" was the pinnacle of luxury and did not exist further, Rolls Royce reassured us that it had once again succeeded in pushing the limits a step further!

For all those who do not acknowledge the limits and do not accept them, who live by their rules and strive for fearless feel of endless ecstasy, the Black Badge series has emerged, in support of their lifestyle. After all, the world is not changed by those humble, ordinary, mediocre... but avant-garde rebels who have their own attitude, their freedom and their rules!

And voilà! After a fascinating Cullinan ride, we found ourselves in a circle of Black Badge models who welcomed us “powerfully and with attitude” in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Budapest.

Rolls Royce Dawn, Wraith and Ghost models, got a dark and mystical persona at the front of the hood. The Spirit of Ecstasy statue is dressed in a beautiful high gloss black outfit as a trademark of the Black Badge series for the first time.

And of course, every model in this series is a special adventure, which has awakened all our senses. The enchanting Black Badge series is awe-inspiring at first glance, and we are fascinated by all three models with their elegance, perfect details and dark mystical side that is seductive.

You certainly know the feeling, when you find yourself in an irresistible candy store - all of them lure you, and you can't decide which one to taste first...

The irresistible Black Badge Dawn

Honestly, we didn't think much, because at first glance, IT knocked us off our feet! Yes, the irresistible Black Badge Dawn, which lures glances and leaves no one indifferent. It has certainly captured our hearts in that magical orange-tinged interior that causes arousal even before you feel the flush and the wind in your hair. The vaulted exterior in a dark green hue retained its seemingly "tame" Rolls Royce energy, hiding from view the true enthusiastic feeling we experienced in the cabin.

Dawn Black Badge can be described as the most luxurious and sensual place from which you can breathe air and enjoy yourself fully at all times. As the most glamorous, uncompromising expression of a convertible, this luxurious Rolls has received a dark, sensual dimension in its Black Badge variant. The engine of this model has 536 horsepower, and despite the fact that it is slightly weaker than the Wraith and Ghost models, we developed acceleration and navigated the road exaltedly sleek and elegant. This model boosts adrenaline levels with its agility, dexterity and fantastic handling, while giving you the opportunity to enjoy views of the natural scenery throughout the day.

If you are a romantic, Dawn Rolls Royce will provide you with the most perfect place to watch the sunset, look at the stars or meet the dawn with your loved one.

Powerful Ghost Black Badge

Ghost Black Badge is a contemporary interpretation of the Rolls Royce sedan, perfect for those who enjoy driving and cruising the roads themselves, as much as they enjoy the experience of being driven by someone else. We are amazed at both variants as we both had the opportunity to enjoy incredible performance as well as comfort in the back seat.

The engine of this model has been modified unlike the factory option, as it has a subtle increase in power by 30 kW to 450 kW, as well as torque to 840 Nm. The eight-speed automatic transmission gave us the opportunity to enjoy the ride of this dark knight and get the most out of it.

Fearless Wraith Black Badge

The Wraith is the ultimate Gran Turismo version of the car, which satisfies all the wishes of its driver. As the most powerful Rolls Royce in the world with 632 horsepower, Wraith has always been a driver-focused model in the fleet of this famous brand. Still, with the desire to further delight anyone who sees driving as something magical and special, Rolls Royce has added a completely new kind of power and fearless attitude to the Wraith, evident as soon as you put your hands on its steering wheel for the first time.

All three models have left an indelible mark on us with their powerful design, quality and performance, and the desire to repeat the dose of adrenaline, because that power you feel when you hold the RR steering wheel in your hands cannot be described.

The wheels of the new models are a continuation of the story of luxury laced with all the other details that can be seen in the driver's cabin, where lacquered wood elements have been replaced with polished carbon fiber, and for that reason have been given rims painted with as many as forty-four layers of black carbon, with titanium screws that create the perfect contrast.

The black shade that adorns these models contains aluminum particles that shine through and give off an almost diamond-like glow, while the Wraith and Ghost models received a phenomenal ambient light in the form of a starry sky, which will tickle your imagination every time you look at it.

The glamor and adrenaline you feel in each model is hard to describe in words. Butterflies in your stomach when you step on the accelerator pedal, the touch of fur when you step barefoot, skin tightening when you hit G force ... Black Badge is certainly an adventure that can be compared to the craziest thrills.

Being a rebel is a real challenge! Rebels do not hide who they are, nor pretend to be something they are not. They have come to know the magic of life, and they drive life by their own rules... Isn't Black Badge a true companion to such adventures?

Text: Mina Srećo

Photo: Rolls Royce and Mini Studio