Luxury adventure in Budapest - Rolls Royce Cullinan

While cruising through the nature of the Hungarian capital, we felt the pinnacle of luxury in the SUV segment. Cullinan, named after the world's largest diamond, has justified its name in our hands...

When the vision of perfection turns into reality

Rolls-Royce Cullinan, currently the best SUV in the world, has a fascinating and extraordinary story behind it. From the golden African and Middle Eastern deserts, the frozen Arctic Circle, the Scottish Highlands, to the steep canyons of North America, Rolls-Royce designers, engineers, craftsmen and artists designed, tested and refined this unique machine to eliminate any flaws and make it perfect.

Created by the Rolls Royce design team, including Pavle Trpinac, originally from Belgrade, in response to growing demand for SUVs, Cullinan is the first of its kind in the Rolls-Royce fleet. With a structure that contains the so-called "architecture of luxury" that is also featured in the fantastic Phantom, Cullinan is versatile, impeccably designed, fantastically envisioned and brought to perfection, which is something we have had the opportunity to see recently.

The hilly surroundings of Budapest evoked and enriched the Cullinan ride. Impressed by this experience, in which we tried to get the most out of a unique and sophisticated SUV, we can confirm that Cullinan definitely belongs to the ultra-luxury part of the spectrum of today's automotive industry, which in its utilitarian edition seems quite natural. Rolls Royce cars are designed for the owners to enjoy in the backseat while their personal chauffeur transports them from point A to point B, but Cullinan is the opposite - you simply want to drive and feel all the power the 563 horsepower engine with 850 Nm of torque. It was difficult to decide on a position while driving, but we found a compromise and enjoyed the shift behind the wheel and in the back. At its core, Cullinan binds all the attributes that make crossover models the most popular in the world, with a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and acceleration from zero to 100 in just 5.2 seconds.

The car's design itself follows the classic Rolls line, which is irresistibly reminiscent of the Phantom. The long hood symbolizes strength and durability, but clearly states that there is something underneath that will make you love this vehicle even more.

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A pinnacle of luxury in every terrain

As the first 4x4 Rolls Royce model, the Cullinan is very easy to operate and with its 518 centimeters in length, it seemed to us that this car could conquer every terrain. The imperfections of the road, the bulges and all the obstacles that are part of the off-road variant were overcome without much pain, in peace and comfort. In these conditions, we had the opportunity to truly see the exact power of Cullinan, because it was created to explore the world around us. With twenty-two-inch wheels and numerous driver assistance systems, such as cruise control, parking assistance, pedestrian recognition, night vision and other interesting configurations, Cullinan has picked up all the points in its base variant when it comes to the luxury it offers.

Cullinan is a "brushed diamond" for all those who enjoy a limitless life and "know everything is possible"!

Interior - Zen for body and soul

Unlike other companies whose focus is on stimulating adrenaline, both in the interior and in the sound of the engine, Rolls-Royce strives to appease drivers with its interior design and give them the opportunity to fully enjoy the scenery and quietness of the engine. Riding in Cullinan is truly unmatched, but imagine that it is like flying on a magic carpet...

We felt the magic of this unique SUV as soon as we stepped into the interior, designed and refined with prestigious materials, such as quality leather and teak. One of the models had an exterior of a perfectly executed blue paint called the Midnight Sapphire, while the interior of the cabin was trimmed with Arctic White elements, which were accentuated with navy blue. For the other model, the pictures speak more than words.

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Made to measure comfort for all passengers

Spaciousness has been brought to the highest level and passengers can very comfortably and relaxingly enjoy Cullinan. The driver and front passenger are seated in extremely comfortable and spacious seats where they can easily "endure" hours of travel with massagers that relax them while driving, which is a "dead race" compared to enjoying the rear seats, which are synonymous with true hedonism.

The rear seats gave us an extra touch of luxury and the atmosphere that makes the Rolls-Royce brand famous - with a mini fridge where chilled champagne and two elegant crystal glasses await you, as you watch your favorite movie on pop-out screens, you'll feel like you’re flying in your private jet or sailing on a yacht, waiting to arrive at your favorite destination.

"Bespoke" - for people with refined taste

A diamond would not be a diamond if it were not perfectly adaptable to all desires and requirements. Cullinan can become an extension of your personality with the help of personalization services that make Rolls Royce famous, giving you a luxury "bespoke" SUV, in the true sense of the word.

Just like any Rolls-Royce, the Cullinan is much more than an ordinary car - it is a statement that clearly reveals your mindset, attitude and lifestyle to other people. Cullinan is aimed at individuals with style, who do not compromise on their own enjoyment, those who hold all the threads in their hands and who are brave enough to try at least one new thing every day.

When it was time to summarize our impressions at the end of our Rolls Royce adventure, we were not sure if it was more exciting for us to get behind the wheel of the magnificent Cullinan or in its backseat.

Sleek, comfortable, equipped with all the details that may come to mind; we were assured that Cullinan would swipe you off your feet. It is love at first sight - when you are awakened by the desire to keep it to yourself and to continue to conquer the world together...