Lošinj Hotels & Villas - A place where gastronomic stars shine

Lošinj Hotels & Villas - A place where gastronomic stars shine

Gastronomy lovers are often ready to embark on adventures that take them to distant destinations, in order to enjoy wonderful culinary specialties...

...And we reveal to you one such magical place, where real stars gather and where you can experience the spectacle with all your senses… Not far away, in nearby Croatia, on the island of Lošinj, which is known for its idyllic landscapes, healthy, fresh sea air, beautiful nature and luxury hotels that enchant you at first sight, hides the fairytale bay Čikat...

Lošinj's Matsunoki restaurant, located in the posh Hotel Bellevue in this tucked-away bay, recently hosted a top Epicurean event, East Meets West, presenting a distinct meeting of two opposite sides of the world.

As true hedonists with a refined palate, we had the honor of being part of an exclusive spectacle, a dinner of eight gangs, designed and prepared by Matsunoki restaurant Chef Sasa Pribicevic and guest Chef Jacob-Jan Boerma, one of the world's most distinguished culinary virtuosos, with three Michelin stars..

Discovering the creative harmony of the characteristic skills of Chef Jacob-Jan, as well as the innovative approach of Chef Saša Pribičević in merging Japanese delicacies with the best Mediterranean ingredients, we enjoyed the unique fusion that occupied all our senses, because each dish was delicately served and thought through to the last detail.

Moreover, as it usually happens, the fantastic dinner had to be accompanied by excellent wines from the Matsunoki wine list, which won the "Best of Award of Excellence", marked with two wine glasses, according to the 2021 Restaurant Awards of the famous American magazine Wine Spectator.

We had a choice of 475 labels and 2230 bottles, which are specially kept in a storage space with temperature and humidity control.

Nearby, in the Boutique Hotel Alhambra, which is part of the Lošinj Hotels & Villas group, another exclusive event took place, with four culinary stars in the lead roles. Named Mid Summer Epicurean Extravaganza, this event amazed us with the creative spirit of top chefs from restaurants, known for Michelin stars and sensational specialties.

The quartet of masters of gastronomy includes Christian Kuchler, who has been collaborating with the LH&V brand since this season, turning the Hotel Alhambra into the epicenter of events in Europe. He is the maestro, who took over the famous Swiss restaurant, Taverne Zum Schäfli from his parents, and thanks to his experience and mastery of culinary techniques, he has two Michelin stars and 18 points of the gastronomic guide Gault & Millau.

Along with him, Chef Sebastien Ziera, whose career is extremely dynamic and includes working in famous Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe, magnified the event. He currently leads Einsein Gourmet. Chef Stefan Heilemann, who was recently named Chef of the Year in Switzerland and has an amazing culinary repertoire behind him, and Michael Gollenz, who runs the a la carte kitchen of the Alfred Keller restaurant, which recently got its Michelin star, at the Boutique Hotel Alhambra, joined them.

The event took place in the luxurious surroundings of Čikat Bay, which beautified this event, and we were very pleased to be in one of the world's leading luxury hotels. Stunning nature, incredible level of luxury and impeccable, personalized service can best describe the hotel offer from the collection of this Lošinj brand.

Starting with champagne and caviar overlooking the beautiful turquoise sea and the magnificent sunset, we enjoyed the company of culinary stars and guests who recognized their magic. Combined with exceptional wines selected by the greatest experts, including the collection Artisti per Frescobaldi en Magnum and Benvenuti Teran, the carefully designed Epicurean adventure amazed us, to say the least.

And finally, as the icing on the cake of these events, we enjoyed sweet snacks and desserts, selected liqueurs and top cigars, so much so that upon our return we were left with the impression that enjoying Lošinj this time was never sweeter ... :)