A ring which can detect Covid19 - would you wear it?

A new study suggests that the biometric monitoring technology of this smart ring can detect diseases such as Covid-19…

This year, the most desirable ring of the moment does not have diamonds on it, but it can tell you if you have the corona virus. The Oura Ring, a ring that can help you track your sleep cycles, uses advanced sensor technology to give you an accurate and personalized insight into your body's health with the help of a mobile app. Like other smart fitness devices, the ring can monitor your temperature, heart rate variability and sleep efficiency, while a new study proves that it may also be able to detect Covid-19 in the earliest stages of infection.

Last year, researchers from the University of California examined this ring with almost 3,400 ambulance workers. The study investigated whether data such as body temperature, along with daily examination of symptoms, could help detect the virus in its earliest stages.

The final report, presented on December 14th, revealed that constant monitoring of body temperature with the help of a smart ring can detect diseases such as Covid-19, even in cases when the disease has not yet shown its true symptoms. The researchers say that high temperature was detected in 38 out of 50 participants when other symptoms were not noticeable. However, it is not yet clear how effectively the ring can detect asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 infection - the number of participants was too small for such a study, but researchers said they were encouraged by the data that their ring can detect the disease even when symptoms are real subtle.

"This device, which can be a better indicator of disease than a thermometer, can lead to earlier isolation and testing, reducing the spread of this contagious disease," the official statement said. Unsurprisingly, this $ 300 ring has become the main choice of professional athletes and other people dedicated to their fitness and health.

The Oura Ring ring has received numerous commercials from celebrities - everyone, from Prince Harry to Lance Armstrong, has been seen with a ring on his hand, and more than 300,000 have been sold worldwide. The Oura ring will not send you a notification if you are infected with the Covid-19 virus, but will inform you that your condition is not normal, which may indicate a disease.

In the end, we can say that the ring itself is made of light titanium, and it is resistant to scratches and water. It is available in four different variants, including classic silver and decadent gold.

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