Exploring Tokyo’s most exclusive areas

If you’re planning a vacation to Japan, chances are you’re going to land in the country’s capital, Tokyo.

Maintenance Money: The Cost Of Doing Business For A Landlord

The UK rental market is undergoing notable shifts. By 2026, predictions indicate a 25% increase in rents, pushing the average monthly rent to approximately £1,600.

Architectural Symbiosis of Classic and Contemporary: Verdant Hill Manor

Nestled on a verdant hillside with a panoramic view of the village, Verdant Hill Manor is an architectural wonder designed by Mohammad Hossein Rabbani Zade…

Maximising Productivity: Techniques Every Business Should Know

Businesses are akin to living organisms, constantly evolving and adapting to stay vital and competitive.

Gucci Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign: Blending Past and Present

The Gucci Fall/Winter 2023 campaign presents an intriguing fusion of the past and present, with Vittoria Ceretti in the lead role, set against the brand's characteristic green back...

A peaceful oasis in the Qinpu district: what a pilot's apartment looks like

Each of us, after a long day at work and wandering around the city, can't wait to return to our home, if only for a brief moment of enjoying our own corner of peace and tranquillit...

La Maruca: A New Restaurant in Madrid Inspired by the Sea

In times past, the city of Madrid had a beach on the banks of the Manzanares River, a ten-minute bus ride from the city center. Today, the new restaurant La Maruca brings the sea t...

Bathroom as a Place of Harmony and Serenity

The bathroom is the most private oasis in every home—more private even than the bedroom, representing a completely different world that only those we invite can step into.

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Cachalot: a new portable lamp inspired by a whale by Yoshiki Matsuyama

Yoshiki Matsuyama has designed a new portable lamp for the company Ambientec, evoking the soft and magnificent forms of a whale.

Classic Ferrari 330 LM That Could Fetch Over 60 million Euros

One of the most coveted Ferrari models is going up for auction on November 13, and it is expected to surpass the 60 million mark - if it succeeds, it will become the most expensive...

Oldest Scottish Whisky to Be Auctioned for a Noble Cause

This exquisite sculpture contains 50-year-old whisky from one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and could sell for up to $650,000 at auction.

RO54: Harmony of Nature and Design in Bel Air

Architects from the Arshia company proudly present the RO54 project, located atop a hill in Bel Air, a neighbourhood in Los Angeles, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the city cent...

Chanel Opens a Pop-Up Restaurant in Brooklyn

How many times have you thought that a Chanel product was so good you could eat it? Well, here's your chance.

Concrete and Glass Origami: The Art and Harmony of Courtyard Villa

The Courtyard Residence resembles a rectangular origami of concrete and glass...

Jennifer Lopez in the New Coach Campaign for Fall 2023

Jennifer Lopez is returning to the fashion scene, posing in the new Coach Fall 2023 campaign...

Zendaya Becomes a Work of Art in the Lancome x Louvre Campaign

Worlds collided when the Louvre Museum and Lancome decided to collaborate to introduce a spectacular makeup collection...

The New Columbus Atlantique 65 Yacht Becomes an Instant Classic

Columbus Yachts, a Palumbo Superyachts brand, presents the new Atlantique series yacht: a 65-meter vessel with harmonious lines and rich innovative content.

Girard-Perregaux Amazes the World with the Innovative Laureato Absolute 8Tech

Since the moment it introduced the ultra-modern Laureato Absolute collection in 2019, Girard-Perregaux has been continuously exploring innovative materials...