Bulgari launches its first unisex jewelry collection

In case you haven't noticed, unisex fashion, beauty trends and more are conquering the world…

In jewelry, this seems to be very good for business. Men are increasingly appearing on the red carpet with jewelry. Michael B. Jordan took the Piaget brooch at the Academy Awards last year. During this year's Grammy Awards, Diplo took on a Bulgari brand turquoise-diamond necklace while Sean Mendez appeared with pearls.

Earlier this year, Bulgari brand CEO Jean-Christophe Babin said that Octo Finissmo men's watches are increasingly liked by women, who buy them heavily. Due to the fact that this brand is reliving its moments of glory in this arena, Bulgari has added another piece to its entire story, launching a new, unisex B.Zero 1 collection.

“Five or six years ago, we noticed that many men were buying B.Zero 1 collection, not only for their beloved women, but for themselves. They love the strong design pedigree and the fact that it is an architecturally inspired line that looks like the Coliseum, ”says Babin.

Despite the attention-grabbing Bulgari iconic Serpenti pieces, everyday B.Zero 1 collections are at the heart of the brand. This is actually the best-selling collection with their signature in the whole world. "Haute jewelry is like high fashion. It represents the pinnacle of our art when it comes to creating the best precious pieces. On the other hand, while it is an important aspect of our business, we must emphasize that it is not a major one, ”adds Babin.

Prices for the new B.Zero 1 collection range from $ 1,920 for a rose gold ring with ceramic inserts, and go up to $ 14,000 for diamond-accented yellow gold bracelets.

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