Chanel Signature jewelry line

Fashion house Chanel needs no special introduction - all lovers of high fashion are closely monitoring all their lines...

Whether we are talking about accessories, fashion, beauty and sophisticated jewelry, Chanel is the center of attention whenever they present a new collection. This time, our gaze is directed to the "Signature" line of jewelry, which will take only a few seconds to leave you breathless.

Dedicated to interesting quilted pattern that has become the definition of haute fashion house, Signature de Chanel collection contains forty-eight new pieces, with fluid lines, beautiful curves and volumes, which are designed to gracefully adorn your look.

Sensual and flexible, the pieces in this collection, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches are presented in 10 themes. White gold and diamonds make up the heart of the collection, while the azure blue sapphire and aquamarine added a touch of color to the whole story.

Pearls, gray mother-of-pearl marquetry and rock crystals are here in the role of the finishing touches, transforming each piece into an irresistible fashion accessory. Miss Chanel devoted her whole life to elegance, and this collection is certainly the witness of her style.

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