How to style diamonds every day


Incorporating diamonds into your daily outfits is the perfect way to effortlessly elevate any look. The following guide will talk you through a range of ways that you can do this without the diamonds appearing out of place.


One way to add diamonds without making them a statement centre piece is by surrounding them with other jewellery, whether it be a ring stack or layering of necklaces.

With any stacking, versatility is key. Opting for a mixture of different sizes, gemstones and metals is the best way to curate the perfect look. For example, try layering a delicate silver chocker with a longer chunkier chain. If you are unsure, three really is the magic number when it comes to stacking, but two can also work for a simpler look.

Make a statement

If you’d rather make the diamonds the centre piece of your look, then opting for a statement piece can help create a focal point of your outfit and give the jewel time to shine.

The key to wearing a statement piece, whether it be a classic diamond ring or a bold necklace, is to allow it to be the hero. Making sure your other accessories are more neutral is an effective way to do this. When investing in any statement jewellery, it is key to stick to your personal style, don’t be swayed by trends as you are then more likely to want to replace them in the future.

Create a mix

Whether it’s mixing metals or putting vintage and modern pieces together, this can help your jewellery tell a story and add a unique flair to your look.

It used to be a fashion no-no to mix metals, but this is no longer the case. Mixing both gold and silver, or even rose gold can add an elegant and unique edge to any outfit. Start by mixing just two items and you can work up from there once you have established how you enjoy styling.

Have staples

The best way to wear diamonds every day is to do so with confidence, so creating a staple set or having a single piece that you feel comfortable incorporating into each outfit can help you build up your style.

Start by taking a look through your existing collection and identify any gaps. You may already have a long list of pieces you’d like to buy. While it can be tempting to go out and splash the cash, you should first create a wish list. Doing this means that you can make sure every item you buy is well thought out and goes with the rest of your collection.

Staple items can be expensive but are worth the investment as you will get your cost per wear out of them. They always make good items to add to your birthday or Christmas list too.

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