We have already presented some amazing Chopard watches a few times, but on this occasion, we’re showing you something completely different…

This luxury brand is not only at the top of the watchmaking branch, they are equally good on the field of prestigious jewelry pieces, which we can see from their Imperial line. The latest part added to their jewelry line is the series of rings and earrings, decorated with amethysts, with delicate arabesque motifs. Precious stones which are settled in the very center of these prestigious pieces were chosen for their purple color, which was always connected with aristocracy and royal families, emperors and rulers.

New cocktail ring presents 18 karat golden arabesques, decorated with amethyst and diamonds, while many other objects look amazing with at least four precious stones. Imperial Insignia piece, which looks like it is made from golden lace, perfectly fits with necklace and earrings, which are partially decorated with diamonds. The whole collection is really amazing, which you can see in our gallery. 

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