Is this the world's most valuable diamond

Da li je ovo najvredniji dijamant sveta

Sotheby's auction house will have a historic sale in the near future...

They recently revealed that they currently have D impeccable 102.34 carat heavy diamond in their possession, for their space in London. This diamond is called the largest and purest of its kind, which is why it has a global meaning and influence.

The diamond originates from Botswana, but has a type IIA grading, which was believed to be a characteristics of diamonds found in Golconda in India only. This level of purity usually brings serious buyers, so it is believed that this precious stone will be sold at a price above $ 33 million.

The round stone was cut from a rough diamond, which originally, at the time of excavation, weighed 425.40 carats. Six months of cutting and polishing produced this 100 carats beauty, as well as an additional twenty-four stones.

Numerous people believe that Sotheby's currently has the most valuable diamond in the world, but as always, time will tell. If you want to see this impeccable diamond, you can do it in their space at Bond Street in London.

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