Louis Vuitton debutes with its new LV Diamonds collection

The legendary Monogram Flower is instantly recognisable as a Louis Vuitton brand symbol, ever since it was first created by Georges Vuitton in 1896…

Monogram has already played its key role in decorating bags, clothes and fashion accessories, marking Louis Vuitton collections in decades which have gone by. Today, this fashion powerhouse relies even more on this interesting symbol, while launching their new LV Diamonds collection.

Designed by watches and jewellery art director, Francesca Amfitheatrof, each piece of this collection contains a new shape of Louis Vuitton monogram, known as LV Monogram Star. After the flower shaped symbol, which ruled for decades, new motif shaped like a star delights us with its 53 facets and pointy ends, while it still reminds us of its predecessor.

Amfitheatrof is playing with Louis Vuitton past collections while designing a new unisex jewellery line, while also respecting the house aesthetics. Platinum rings are an homage to Gaston Vuitton, created in Art Deco style of twenties and thirties, while earrings and pendants wear a double motif, made of white and rose gold. Unisex jewellery sets sparkle thanks to ravishing diamonds.

The latest LV Diamonds collection contains 22 rings, unisex belts, earrings and pendants. The prices vary from $880 to $4.500 for unisex rings, $4000 to $48.000 dollars for diamond rings LV Monogram Star and 352.000 dollars for LV Monogram Star diamond earrings. Pendants from this collection are available for prices going from $3.700 to $29.000 dollars, while the earrings will cost you from 2.500 dollars up to $26.000.

To celebrate the new collection launch, a special campaign has also been published, with Anne Evers presenting the remarkable LV Diamonds designs.

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