Louis Vuitton just acquired a giant diamond - Sethunya

Diamonds are everyone’s best friends, and Louis Vuitton just bought a huge gemstone that comes from Botswana…

According to the rumours, while the Louis Vuitton fashion house is about 166 years old, their new best friend dates from the period 1 or 2 billion years ago, and was named Sethunya. Translated from the local language, Sethunya means flower, and now the famous stone was discovered by the Louis Vuitton brand in partnership with Lucara, a leading manufacturer of large and exceptional diamonds, and HB Antwerp.

Together, they will turn Sethunya into cut and polished diamonds to be used to make custom jewelry for the top clientele of the Louis Vuitton brand. Production will be managed by HB Antwerp, which will use scanning and planning technologies to determine the price of the fourth largest diamond in the history of Botswana. Lucara CEO Eira Thomas said: “We are extremely pleased to continue our work on the revolutionary partnership established earlier this year. Louis Vuitton and HB Antwerp will transform Sethunya... into an outstanding custom diamond collection, satisfying exclusively the wishes of Louis Vuitton's global customer base. "

Sewelô is another huge "uncut diamond" weighing 1,758 carats owned by the Louis Vuitton brand, which they bought earlier this year. It is the second largest diamond on the planet.

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