New additions in Coco Crush jewelry line by Chanel

Chanel Coco Crush jewelry collection got a few new additions...

These designs, which are partially decorated with diamond constellations, will be available for purchase from the beginning of this month, as perfect additions to their autumn line.

In the campaign for new items in this collection, we can see Kira Knightley starring as the new face of Coco Crush collection. Mario Testino worked on the campaign, while the famous actress has already cooperated several times with the brand. "Thanks to her natural elegance and freedom, she is the perfect embodiment of modern and sophisticated jewelry collection," they said about Kira.

In April last year, Chanel introduced their first creations from this line, with the famous quilted motif in honor of Gabrielle Chanel and her love of horses. New additions to this line are the epitome of creativity, a symbol of the brand and chic designs that were able to make a common pattern so popular all over the world.

For the first time seen in Chanel couture collection in 1920, Matelassé design is found in numerous collections of the brand. This wonderful assortment of jewelry rings are joined with bracelets, which in addition to the famous quilted designs of fine gold contain diamond pave as well. Another symbol that can be seen on the new pieces of jewelry is a symbol of the lion, which was adored by the famous Coco Chanel.

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