New Faberge Charms collection

Back in 1842, the Russian jeweler Gustav Faberge, founded the renowned jewelry house that bears his name...

The jewelry store has become famous throughout the world for its incredible eggs, which are decorated with precious stones, which was designed by Gustav's son, Peter Carl Faberge for the Russian emperors and other important personalities during the 1900 year.

To this day, Faberge continues to create flawless pieces of jewelry, inspired by the famous Faberge eggs, including unique pieces which will attract the attention of billionaires with deep pockets, who do not count their money when it comes to royal treatment. Launched in 2014, Faberge Charms Collection will cost you $ 1,200 per amulet, and every season, it added a few new pieces.

Designed in the tradition of the famous Faberge pendants, 25 miniature rocks can now be purchased from Trelliage, Spiral, Heritage, Rococo and Emotion collection. Inspired by the Diamond Trellis Egg from 1892, Trelliage pieces represent bold ruby, white and rose gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds.

On the other hand, amulets from Spiral collection are created with white, rose or yellow gold and decorated with lacquer and diamonds in a playful design. Rococo charms with enamel on gold and Emotion pieces with diamond pave which have the elements of decor with precious stones, are ideal companions every luxury events.

Without a doubt, this collection can not be compared with any other that we see in the world.

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