Pasquale Bruni @ Baselworld 2017

 Pasquale Bruni’s journey through culture and colour continues with this iconic Ghirlanda collection. 

Launched in 2002 by Eugenia Bruni, our Art Director, Ghirlanda seems to travel and develop with its creator, growing and adorning itself continuously with renewed charm and splendor, thanks to a re-interpretation of the style, which wholly reflect their creator’s soul and her true passion, which is the distinctive trait of our brand.

Ghirlanda Green Tara is the latest Ghirlanda, inspired by Tara, the goddess of nature and female energy. The pink and white neckpiece is composed of chrysoprase and diamonds.  Chrysoprase, the gemstone of vital love, casts a spell with its alternating and intriguing shades: dark green chrysoprase, which evokes the wildest aspects of nature and light chrysoprase, of almost marine hues, incarnates the virtues and sensuality of Venus.

Tara is also a star and pupil; her eyes are stars illuminating the firmament, thus revealing the secrets of the universe. At its centre, Tara has a dark green chrysoprase eye, which illuminates, protects and makes its wearer feel loved.  The energy endowed by green is positive and is linked to the fourth chakra, that of the heart.

This regal neckpiece, the masterpiece of the collection, is distinguished by its unexpected double nature: this jewel may be worn both as a neckpiece and as a bracelet.

ME AND YOU, ONLY - From dancing leaves comes this flower encasing its precious diamond.  Pasquale Bruni, for the first time, dedicates their expertise to an exclusive collection of solitaires.

These precious leaves hold their diamonds as a calyx, a flower-cup, does, in an embrace of sparkling light.  This an indissoluble bond, the love between women and life, nature and its leaves.

These rings, of an exclusive nature, feature refined workmanship and diamonds of rare beauty.  These creations bring together the excellence of the Italian jeweler and outstanding contemporary design.

Here we find two bands representing love.  The diamond in bloom characterizes one, while the other bears a leaf, an eternal lover. The leaf band may accompany the solitaire on the ring finger or adorn the little finger to remind one that it is necessary to love oneself before loving another.

TON JOLI - “Joy in rosè gold, the nature of the sublime charm a gem, femininity in the soft light of a leaf…Ton Jolì… it’s you, it’s me!” (Eugenia Bruni)

Pasquale Bruni re-interprets the iconic Ton Jolì collection, turning it into a contemporary and design collection.  Ton Jolì is a collection which englobes the iconic style years.

The stone of the Ton Jolì collection, by merit of its lightness, attains softer facets of Pasquale Bruni’s distinctive Bon Ton cut. 

The mystery and character of onyx, the red passion of cornelian convene with pink gold and white and champagne diamonds. 

The pendants may be worn on a long sautoir or on a short necklace while the Ton Jolì brooch, the trend-setting jewel of the season, was designed for a black velvet ribbon for several different looks: Gatsby 20’s style headband, a hairband for the soft wavy hairstyles of the 30’s or, as a refined 90’s style choker which returns to its seductive nature.

A touch of light for the Ton Jolì diamond collection comes from little crowns of flowers dangling from a little leaf, so lightly combined to give every day that special touch of elegance.

BON TON Goddesses - Pasquale Bruni celebrates women by creating Bon Ton Goddesses a paean to femininity, citing the moon and the sky, beauty and the heart.

Goddesses is the celebration of the femininity of the goddess within every woman.  Light hues create delicate and intimate contrasts in these sensuous pastel colours, thus, suggesting poetic whisperings.

Four gemstones, like four Goddesses, have inspired Eugenia Bruni by their ability to bestow power, beauty and energy to women.  The candid white of a milky quartz exalts the elegance of Selene, the goddess of the moon.  The delicate poetry of pink quartz, the stone of eternal love, incarnates the irresistible love of the goddess Afrodite. Light blue and pink chalcedony portray Iside and Lakshmi, the former being the heavenly goddess revealing women’s real feminine drive, the latter is the goddess of beauty and prosperity.

The unique, iconic Bon Ton cut of these gemstones reveals their beauty are crowned by diamond petals of absolute candour.  

TRAMONTI SEGRETI - Our TRAMONTI SEGRETI, (secret sunset) collection came to life when the sky becomes infused with the colours of the setting sun.  The precious leaves of Secret Gardens, a totemic Pasquale Bruni collection, take on charming allure whose trait is the irresistible magic of colour.

Sophisticated blue tanzanite gems, of almost sensual, purple nuances, pave set the sinuous leaves with sunset hues that blend with candid white gold and diamonds, together creating in this jewel a precious and dreamy halo of light. 

This Tramonti segreti collection comprises rings, earrings and cross pendants made of tanzanite, diamonds and white gold.

STELLE IN FIORE -“Nature always loves us, by day with flowers, by night with stars.” (Eugenia Bruni)

The stars in the night sky and the beauty of flowers by day come together to give life to this Stelle in fiore.  This new collection took inspiration from whirling leaves that travel just as comets do in the most precious nights to the point where they illuminate and bring warmth to the early dawn over spring-caressed gardens.

The precious stones are contrasts of blooming stars, creating light that embraces flowers, stars, whose light is enveloping and free to play on the skin.

The necklace wraps its wearer in precious play of light and shade, while the contrasting rings, bracelets and earrings interweave, as lovers do in the night, black and white diamonds play off each other like the first light of dawn illuminated by white and champagne diamonds.


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