PRECIOUS JEWELRY - Golden Era of Hollywood style

Larry Jewelry brand is presenting us with their latest line of jewelry which shows us the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Golden Era…

Dubbed Larry Legend, this collection focuses on the fancy yellow diamonds and presents us with three distinct jewelry series, named after some of the brightest stars of Hollywood: Audrey, Elisabeth and Marilyn.

Audrey jewelry series, inspired by elegant and beautiful Audrey Hepburn, consists of earrings with yellow oval shaped diamonds and 84 see-through sparkling diamonds, a necklace with heart shaped locket decorated with a yellow diamond also, one round see through diamond and 71 round yellow diamonds.

Then, there’s the Elisabeth series, dubbed after the famous and legendary Elisabeth Taylor, whose passion for jewelry is very well known. This collections presents us two rings: first one with sparkling yellow diamonds, four “marquise” diamonds, four pear shaped and four round diamonds, while the other one is decorated with a pear shaped yellow diamond and eight see through diamonds with the same shape.

Finally, there’s the Marilyn series, which is an amazing ode to Marilyn Monroe. This collection consists of a pair of earrings and a ring. The earrings are decorated with two bright yellow diamonds, four cushion shaped ones and 148 round see through diamonds. 

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