Priceless, bespoke and admirable: 14 most expensive diamonds of the world

Diamonds can very easily be characterized as the most beautiful natural creations…

Reflecting light with its faceted edges, we are not surprised by the fact that they are called stars of hope and sources of light. The most precious gemstone of all, a diamond can have an incredibly high price that depends on numerous factors, such as the number of edges, color, clarity, weight, historical and cultural significance.

The richest and most powerful people in the world continue to compete with each other to have them in their collections, and the most expensive gems are often owned by kings and queens. This time, we decided to investigate which diamonds received the highest prices, and which were characterized as priceless.

We must also emphasize that the price of any of these diamonds is not fixed - it often happens that when a new diamond reaches the market, buyers give their best during the competition, changing the price per carat and contributing to their exclusivity.

In our gallery you can discover the 14 most expensive diamonds ever!

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