We present you some of the most popular Russian luxury brands…

Alena Gorchakova, Jewellery: Alena Gorchakova is a Moscow-born jewellery designer and entrepreneur. She began her career in New York City in the 1980’s, where she studied at NYU and went on to design window displays for Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel and Hermès. On returning to Russia in 1990, she became the local distributor for brands such as S.T. Dupont, Chopard, Breguet and JLC.

Beluga, Vodka: Beluga Vodka is produced by JSC “Synergy”, at one of Russia’s leading alcohol production facilities founded in 1900, the Mariinsky Distillery. Blended from grains grown in the plains of Siberia, with silver purified water, the brand produces five distinct vodka’s, each paying tribute to the foundations of the brand – Polo, Transatlantic Racing, Art, Charity and Gastronomy.

Chapurin, Ready-to-Wear: Chapurin began as a haute couture house established by Igor Chapurin in 1998, becoming the first Russian brand to show on the Parisian calendar in 2005. Chapurin has since expanded to include seasonal prêt-a-porter, capsule collections and alpine skiwear, alongside accessories and jewellery and a Moscow boutique.

Cluev, Jewellery: Inspired by a passion for precious stones, Ilya Klyuev launched jewellery house Cluev, producing one-of-a-kind pieces in Swiss and Italian workshops. The brand has gone on to produce sterling silver signature collections, sophisticated crystal objects and interior pieces, with precious stones and materials identified and certified by experts at the world’s famous gemmological institutes.

Gaydamak Jewellery: Katia and Sonia Gaydamak, two Russian-born, Parisian-based designers that share a passion for fine jewellery, launched Gaydamak Jewellery. Katia studied International Politics at the American University of Paris, but went on to work with Daniel K and Jacob & Co. in New York City, where she decided to become a designer.

Gresso, Electronics: Gresso is a Russian electronics manufacturer, best known for its million-dollar feature phones, flash drives and smartphone cases in titanium and gold. In 2007 it launched its first luxury communication device – the Avantgarde mobile phone – made of 200 year-old African Blackwood and a keyboard of Roman numerals. Almost instantaneously it ranked among the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world according to Forbes.

Helen Yarmak, Fur: Helen Yarmak is the Kiev-born founder and designer of the Helen Yarmak fashion house, which launched in Moscow in 1995. A mathematician by training, Helen Yarmak is now better known for her luxurious collections of fur, jewellery and crocodile accessories, with stores in Moscow, Milan, Zurich, Odessa and Kiev.

Imperia, Vodka: Imperia Vodka is the luxury offering from Russian Standard, self-described as the ‘ultimate distillation of years of experience and vodka science’. Using ultra pure soft waters from the north, a rigorous eight times distillation process and an exclusive crystal quartz filtration, Imperia is an exceptionally clear, velvety-smooth, luxurious spirit made in Russia.

Marussia Motors: Founded in 2007 by former racing driver Nikolay Fomenko, brand strategist Efim Ostrovsky and technology entrepreneur Andrey Cheglakov, Marussia Motors is Russia’s first high-performance car company. Its first design – the mid-engine B1 – debuted in Moscow in 2008, followed by the launch of the Marussia B2 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2009.

Timmerman Yachts: Timmerman Yachts celebrates the 17th century introduction of Dutch boat building methods to Russia by Franz Timmerman. Timmerman is said to have convinced Peter the First of the importance and charm of maritime affairs when he constructed fleets of both naval and trading vessels.

Valentin Yudashkin: Valentin Yudashkin was launched in 1987 in Moscow by the fashion designer of the same name. In 1991 his collection was launched in Paris, followed by the opening of his Moscow boutique in 1997. Since his launch over twenty years ago, the designer has added jewellery and perfume lines in partnership with France’s Parour.


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