Shirley Temple's Diamond ring

The price of this enchanting pieces of jewelry is not known...

Shirley Temple's diamond ring is something that you can now buy, although there is no official price. In fact, you can give your bid for it. In April this year, this ring with amazing blue diamond will be sold by auction and is expected to fetch between 25 and 35 million dollars.

However, when you think about it, this ring is worth every penny, because it comes with nice dark blue diamond which weighs 9.54 carats, which does not exist anywhere else, nor may you find a duplicate. Given that we know the fact that this ring belonged to the famous Shirley Temple, we can freely say that this makes it even more valuable.

The ring we're talking about Shirley received as a gift from her father in 1940. She was the most popular twelve-year old in show business all over the world. Her ring has survived the Great Depression, when many people sold all their valuables in order to survive. In the end, the ring was in her possession until her death in 2014. Whoever you buys it at the auction will have in their possession a beautiful gem, ideal for those who feel a great love for jewelry and jewelry industry.

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