Signature de Chanel – jewelry with a history

Design formula of Chanel brand, if it exists at all, is really obvious...

It is very easy to understand, it is not too simple nor too complicated, often inspired by Gabrielle Chanel and things that affected her, such as the camellia flower, lions and stars.

In February 1955, the designer presented us a bag that shared the same spirit. Named after the date on which it is created, 2.55 bag is made of premium leather, with professionally stitched geometric patterns. Coco Chanel found that when screened, this pattern forever retains its shape, which opened up new possibilities of using materials such as jersey, certain types of leather and delicate fabrics like silk.

Modern adaptation of the same template is this time presented as the main part of the brand's jewelry collection, which bears the name of Signature de Chanel. In this collection there are 48 items, which are designed and hand made in their Parisian workshop, and each piece has rounded lines and forms, to exude appeal that is less graphic and more fluid and sensual.

Diamonds are not only precious stones used in this collection. There are also subtle accents of azure sapphire, gray mother-of-pearl, crystal and pearls, which are carefully cut, shaped and arranged to make the perfect reincarnation of their famous motifs.

Signature Cocoon necklace made of 18-carat white gold is decorated with crystals and 653 diamonds.

Signature de Nacre bracelet has a mother-of-pearl in its central part, which took more than four months to be created. It is made of 18-carat white gold, with ornaments in the form of 496 diamonds.

265 sapphires, each of them manually processed, are arranged using invisible techniques on Signature Ultime bracelet. It is also made of 18 carat white gold with 265 sapphires and 222 diamonds.

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