Step inside the most interesting jewellery store

When we say the word jewellery store, we usually all imagine some grandiose space in a luxury department store or some other top location…

Certainly, we do not think of a space that looks like a pool. SAINT OF ATHENS studio designed a jewellery store for the Italian brand Gavello on Mykonos, which looks just like a pool and instead of giving off the typical island vibes - the studio wanted to get rid of stereotypes and present something that is both creative and aesthetically pleasing.

Gavello Nel Blu is a real jewellery store located inside the pool, complete with details such as light blue tiles, beach balls, striped pillows, lockers and pool ladders on the wall. When you step inside, you will have the feeling of walking around the pool, where instead of bubbles, you are surrounded by pieces of precious jewellery. The concept of the pool includes mirrors, pillows, showcases and the like, and although these details generally do not belong to the pools, we can freely say that they do not deviate from the general aesthetics.

If this idea of ​​a pool seems refreshing to you, we suggest you read the article about the deepest pool in Dubai, where the water temperature is controlled, and it contains table football and arcade games that guests can have fun with underwater. Although you will not find pieces of jewellery in it, we are sure that you will remember your visit for the rest of your life.

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