Swarovski gets in touch with its mystical side with new Tarot Magic collection #makeawish

Each season, Swarovski selects a theme for its collections that captures the imagination of modern women all around the world and showcases glamour in any moment. For Fall/Winter 2019, the brand celebrates the magic of light as the next chapter, following on from the Spring/Summer 2019 #FollowTheLight theme.

The Tarot Magic Collection weaves elements of tarot and astrology into its designs. Silhouettes are sprinkled with sparkling symbols, signs, portents and astrology motifs, bringing brilliance to all women, whatever their style.

Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin explains the inspiration behind the Fall Collection: “We all desire things with meaning as they make our everyday lives brighter. Swarovski jewelry is a brilliant symbol of expression for today’s modern woman, and as the winter approaches, we want them to wear jewels, symbols and talismans that represent light and positivity as well as empowers and protects. This season the message is to believe in one’s destiny, and in these busy times we’ll take a little everyday magic wherever we can get it.”


Capturing the new-season mood, Tarot Magic features unique silhouettes in chic gold tones and rich dark blues, purples and greens. The brand explores the play on light when crystals, metal tones and symbols are combined. Swallows, spades, evil eyes and hand gestures are incorporated into the versatile silhouettes and embellished with Swarovski crystals. Hidden meaningful details reveal themselves upon closer inspection.


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