Talita von Furstenberg explores Lecce in Bucccellati jewelry

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More photos

Buccellati, a name synonymous with craftsmanship in jewelry making, is launching its new campaign by combining timeless elegance with contemporary allure...

Captured through the lens of photographer Josh Olins, the campaign features striking black and white visuals. Shot against the cityscape of Lecce in Italy, known for its seductive baroque architecture in the backdrop, the campaign showcases Talita von Fürstenberg, a figure of grace and modernity. Talita, known for her roles as a designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a strong focus on sustainability, becomes the embodiment of the Buccellati brand.

As the face of this jewelry brand's advertising campaigns, Talita von Fürstenberg brings a fresh perspective to the prestigious Buccellati collections. This season highlights the Hawaii, Mosaico, and Macri collections, with each emphasizing Buccellati's mastery in creating sculptural forms and integrating sparkling gemstones.

The campaign skillfully juxtaposes these intricate designs with the historical landmarks of Lecce, from the grandeur of the Bozzi Corso palace to the ancient Roman theater. Against these iconic structures, Talita poses with Buccellati creations, including layered bracelets, dangling earrings, and statement necklaces.

Intriguing jewelry details are further accentuated by stylist Rae Boxer's choices, ranging from dresses with sturdy buttons to wide-legged trousers and sophisticated dresses that are simultaneously subtle and elegant. The film accompanying the campaign photos culminates in the enchanting setting of the Francescani monastery, a location that perfectly incorporates Buccellati's fusion of tradition and modernity.

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