The most popular brand is - once again - subject of online ridicule

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The Internet had strong reactions to expensive jewelry that seems cheaper than plastic bags...

The latest Bottega Veneta jewelry range has become the subject of online ridicule. Fans and those who do not care too much about high fashion, make fun of the Italian house of luxury because of the new necklaces, earrings and bracelets, which cost between 800 and 2,000 dollars, and were created in the form of old telephone cables.

The famous Instagram account, Diet Prada, posted a comparison of pastel-colored phone cables that can be purchased for $ 5 via the eBay platform and the Bottega Veneta necklace, which costs $ 2,000, and the similarity is, to say the least, amazing. Hundreds of Instagram users immediately commented on the expensive jewelry, wondering if anyone would ever spend that much money on these creations. Many wondered if this collection was intended for members of Generation Z, who probably did not encounter these cables in real life, while others were outraged by the fact that many, truly handmade pieces with real value are sold at far lower prices.

In the end, we will leave you to make your own judgment - you can see Bottega Veneta novelties, available for purchase through their website, in the gallery and figure out if they are worth as much as they are praised.

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