Tiffany & Co. present new collection

Tiffany & Co. the company has just unveiled its new collection, which is inspired by the urban soul of the city, and called the Tiffany HardWear...

This collection reminds us of the power and spirit of New York and its lively streets, and is based on the beautiful unisex bracelet from 1971, which is now refreshed and modernized and represents today's aesthetics and trends.

These pieces of jewelry aim to catch the industrialism city, with its famous rings that reflect the pure and simple form of utilitarianism. The new line has a number of very interesting designs, but our favorite is a necklace of 18K, made in the form of a link with virtually seamless buckle.

Lady Gaga has been chosen as the face of this campaign, because she is a true New Yorker and style icon, who is fiercely feminine and has a strong presence. This famous singer represents all the qualities and attributes that are created in this new line, interwoven with exclusivity and unique attitude.

This artist presented the collection with minimalist stance and sleek looks that are definitely ideal description of the brand. Check out the footage of the campaign, which will explain what this actually means:

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