If you’re a girl, probably the most anxiously awaited moment of your life is the way your boyfriends asks you to marry him...

This marks the start of the engagement, an occasion which needs to come alongside a good looking ring. Here’s a trail-blazer for you.

The famous jewelcrafting brand Tiffany & Co. has now come up with a gorgeous collection of rings which is as bedazzling as the eyes of the one asking. This new collection comes to enlarge Tiffany’s line of engagement rings, with a hand-cut round diamond being the focus of the so-called Tiffany Harmony. The precious gem is mounted on the ring by a tapered platinum setting which further enhances the sparkle. Furthermore, the tapered setting boasts roughly the same design as the wedding band.

Part of Tiffany Harmony collection, the wedding ring and band have been available for purchase at select Tiffany & Co. stores since the spring of 2013.

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