Unusual presentation of the new Damiani collection

Neobična prezentacija Damiani Mimosa kolekcije

Italian jewelry house Damiani and Ritz -Carlton, in Hong Kong, have come together for the sake of one special occasion.

Tosca, a renowned Italian restaurant within the Ritz Carlton hotel offered a new level of extravagance, culinary arts and jeweler craftsmanship inspired by Damiani Mimosa collection. Dinner presentation is prepared by instruction of a chef of a restaurant crowned with Michelin star - Pino Lavarra.

Mimosa Damiani jewelry collection is presented as a chaos of diamonds and precious stones. So was elected a special way of presenting the collection to clients. Mimosa collection is shown through an interesting dinner and tea experience.

Fantastic ring with ruby was presented with a pate of goose liver with cherry syrup frosting and Farfalla paste salad, while other beautiful pieces were presented with tuna sauce, capers leaves, seasonal vegetables...

Fascinating, isn’t it?

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