What tools do jewellers need to run a luxury shop?

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The jewellery industry is huge. These luxury items are popular amongst people in every single country around the world.

They enhance outfits, increase the confidence of the wearing and make for glorious family heirlooms. That’s why the jewellery industry is worth around £3.3 billion in the UK alone.  

If you’re thinking about starting your own luxury jewellery shop then you’ll need the following things to guarantee success: 

  • Retail space that receives a lot of footfall  
  • Large stock filled with huge brands 
  • Great staff members  
  • Jeweller tools 

The latter is often forgotten about when people open a jeweller. However, they’re imperative to your success and the ability to repair or enhance jewellery may give you the edge you need to attract customers to your store instead of the other 4,218 watch and jewellery stores in the UK

If you need help understanding what tools you need then this is the article for you. Read on to find out more. 

Basic tools for a jewellers toolbox 

The following tools should be first on your tool shopping list. They will allow you to adjust the different metals to create, repair or adjust your customer's items. 

  • Pliers for opening rings and wrapping ends 
  • Nylon headed, jobbing and raising hammer to create angular shapes in the jewellery 
  • Anvil to help you create contours in the metal 
  • Flat plate for a flush surface to flatten metal sheets accurately 
  • Wire cutters to cut through metal with ease 


Once you’ve got your tools, you’ll need something to do your work on and a bench is a perfect choice. Choose one that is large enough for your projects and fits in the back of your store too. We also recommend purchasing a vice to hold the jewellery in place whilst you’re working on it. 

Spare parts 

Planning on fixing watches in your luxury store too? If so, you’ll need replacement parts like batteries from suppliers like RS or watch glass to get your customer’s items working and looking great again. Offering this service and doing it well will result in customers coming back to your store time and again. 

As you can see, running a luxury store will require a large range of tools and supplies to ensure the store can offer its customers what they want. Purchase the items above and your new jewellery store is sure to be a hit.  

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