5.449 dollars for retro Chanel sunglasses

Everything that Chanel launches practically immediately becomes a trend, which, despite all the currents of time and fashion, remains eternal…

If you have a Chanel bag from three decades ago - it will be something that true fashion lovers will envy you. Well, this time, our object of worship comes from the 1994 archive Chanel collection. During a fashion show held in the spring of 1994, the models paraded down the runway wearing sunglasses decorated with pearls, which were created by Karl Lagerfeld, a famous fashion genius, whose legacy is forever part of our world.

These round beauties come with stained glass and silver-toned metal parts, on which small traces of wear can be seen. Their rims are decorated with pearls, which are fake, but they were nevertheless worn by numerous stars, such as Rihanna.

This iconic fashion accessory will immediately transform you into a Chanel diva, exuding retro charm and perfection. The round frames decorated with pearls are a real collector's item, which comes with a price of 5,449 dollars. Chanel glasses are made in Italy, but they will help you leave a perfect impression, wherever you are.

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