Adidas and Prada take their collaboration on a whole new level

The upcoming collaboration between Prada and the Adidas Forum is another step in merging the streetwear world and luxury. The two brands have teamed up to release the most versatile and creative pair of sneakers to date, the Adidas Forum sneakers, which will be available in all-white or all-black versions.

Forum Collaboration takes elements of each brand and brings them together for an extremely creative and wearable collection. For the new collection, Adidas Three Stripes has been cleverly applied to some of Prada’s most famous silhouettes, while the Re-Nylon signature of the Italian fashion house is largely presented on every piece, from bags and accessories to Forum sneakers.

Forum sneakers are the third Adidas pair to receive a Prada makeover. This model follows the Adidas Superstars 2020, Luna Rossa 2021 and Performance 2021. On the tongue of the sneaker is a detachable pouch, made of Re-Nylon, which proudly carries Prada’s triangular logo on the front. The branding of "Prada Milano" adorns the very top of the tongue in capital letters, and inside the sneaker - two collaborator logos are next to each other.

"From the very beginning of our joint partnership, Forum has always been part of our talks," Stefano Pierre Beruschi, head of design for Adidas, said in a statement. "Not only is it one of Adidas' most famous silhouettes, but we have agreed that it would be the perfect archetype to express our third joint project."

Re-Nylon material becomes the culmination of this collaboration. As mentioned earlier, it is in every piece, which is a redesigned version of Prada's nylon with a signature that has been used in the brand's products for years. Prada launched Re-Nylon in 2019, which uses recycled and purified plastic garbage from the ocean to make the material. In 2021, Prada succeeded in its goal of moving the entire production from nylon to re-nylon.

Adidas and Prada have published Forum collection on January 13 via the Prada boutique and online at and

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