Believe it or not: Louis Vuitton caught selling fake Louis Vuitton bags in their own boutique

It is not uncommon to come across fake Louis Vuitton bags around the world, because the luxury brand is the most counterfeited in the world.

If you go to any flea market anywhere on the planet, you will probably come across more than a few fake Louis Vuitton bags for sale. But you would probably hope to be sure when shopping at the official LV store, right? Wrong, as it turned out.

The luxury brand reportedly sold a fake bag to a client in Hunan, China. According to the lawsuit, the buyer bought a bag that costs about $ 3,350 at the LV boutique. After the purchase, the buyer took the bag to the verifier who confirmed that the bag was fake. As a result, LV had to pay the aggrieved customer three times the amount of the bag in the amount of about 13,400 dollars.

However, despite the settlement, the brand continued to deny allegations of selling counterfeit goods in its stores.

The buyer submitted a confirmation of purchase to the court, including an invoice from the store, while LV did not provide any evidence in support of their position. Although loyal customers of the brand can remain fearless when it comes to this case, this is still a very important issue for the French brand.

Some believe that the employees in the shop were deceived by "superfake": a counterfeit bag made to such high standards that it is almost identical to the real one. Maybe another customer bought a real bag and returned a fake one in an attempt to defraud the boutique, the boutique did not notice that it was fake, and this customer is collateral damage.

Others believe that it is suspicious that the damaged customer took the bag to the verifier. It is equally likely that they made a replacement and are trying to extort money from the LV brand. We will probably find out the background of the story in the coming days, but if you are buying an LV bag, it is important to know what makes it unique.

How to recognize a fake Louis Vuitton bag?

While it can be difficult to distinguish a real Louis Vuitton bag from a fake one, there are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping - especially if you're not shopping at an LV boutique.

The most important thing is the material. LV bags are usually made of top-quality materials such as leather, crocodile, lamb or snakeskin. Counterfeits are usually made of cheap leather or vinyl and such bags are very rough and rigid.

Another sign is the tag. While you may think that a label hanging from a bag would be a sign of authenticity, the truth is quite the opposite: LV bags can come with labels, but LV never attaches them to the bag itself - instead, they simply put them in a bag or accompanying sack. Labels are never attached with plastic or pins.

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