Dior launches micro bags with macro prices

Dior has just introduced a miniature version of its Saddle bag, which can fit in the palm of your hand…

As part of their new Micro collection, the reduced bag measures 10 x 7.5 cm, which is quite enough space for your keys, headphones and credit card. Despite its small proportions, the bag still delights with its luxurious details, which we have been acquainted with for a long time. When it comes to branding, we can see the CD details on the strap and the D amulet on the zipper. There are three colors available to customers - Cloud Blue, Rose des Vents and black.

Iconic styles, including Lady, Caro and 30 Montaigne will also receive a micro treatment. Barely larger than mobile phones, the silhouettes will be presented in spring shades, including Queen Mint, Poppy Red and Vert Tundra.

Although the bags are micro in size, their prices did not follow that narrative - they are already available for purchase and will cost you from 2,550 to 3,500 dollars.

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