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More photos

Collaboration between Kanye West and Louis Vuitton on a prestigious sneakers collection was one of the most successful ever…

The collection from 2009 presented us a few very interesting shoe designs, high and low cuts. Louis Vuitton ”Don” sneakers were the most popular in that collection. A company which is dedicated to customizing sneakers and creating special versions of them, Dank Customs, gave an incredible makeover to that particular Louis Vuitton model. Dank Customs Air Jordan IV “Patchwork Louis Vuitton Don” is an amazing heir to the original model.

They are based on the modern Air Jordan IV sneakers by Nike. Dank version is presenting us with the sneakers of the same color, but with new details. Louis Vuitton marks on these shoes are the monograms on plastic parts and the shoe sole, as well as the leather LV patch added to the shoe tongue. And that’s not all, they have sneakers which are decorated with tassels. 

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