Greek princess in the new Louis Vuitton campaign

Greek Princess Olympia visits Paris to play the protagonist role in the new Louis Vuitton Capucines campaign…

The new season presents us with refreshed colors and variations of this famous model. Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Olympia presents us with bags in olive green, navy blue and emerald. Stylist Isabelle Kountoure also accentuated Louis Vuitton's light coats, combat boots and full skirts. In addition to photographs, the princess also appears in a short film shot in the City of Light. When it comes to beauty, Marc Lopez signs the hairstyle, while the make-up is the work of Hannah Murray. "Louis Vuitton chose the elegance of a young noblewoman to present their new Capucines bags, which are an epitome of French chic, emphasizing the skills of the famous brand," reads the official description of the novelty.

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