Iconic Steve McQueen's sunglasses available again

When it comes to male style icons, Steve McQueen definitely takes the title of king…

A lover of motorcycles and planes, he performed many of his stunts on his own, hung out with Frank Sinatra and Bruce Lee, and courted beauties such as Ali McGraw and Lauren Hutton. On top of all that, he always knew how to dress. His fashion choices - from turtle necks to chukka boots and three-piece suits - are always a relevant reference for men's style. Of all his sartorial victories, one piece is definitely synonymous with his style - the Persol 714 sunglasses. Now, they are finally getting the legendary status they deserve.

Founded in Italy in 1957, Persol began its life as a manufacturer of goggles for pilots and race car drivers, which is why, without a doubt, McQueen discovered them. The actor preferred a model with a unique mechanism that allows them to bend, so that they fit perfectly in the pocket, and which was originally designed for an earlier model, 649. By sheer coincidence, the Italian star, Marcello Mastroianni, made this earlier pair famous in the film Divorce, Italian Style.

Persol was an almost completely unknown brand outside of Italy, until McQueen celebrated them in The Thomas Crown Affair, but, after the premiere of the film, their sales jumped en masse. The glasses practically got their first supporting role in the film.

By the way, McQueen not only performed his stunts alone, he also chose most of his stage clothing combinations. Allegedly, on the first day of filming, he came with his pair of 714 glasses, looking incredibly cool, so the producers decided that they must be part of the film. The pair, with Havana frames and ice blue lenses, was one of many that McQueen wore during his career, but also in his private life.

The iconic model has periodically received five new minutes of fame over the years, but since last Monday, it has become a permanent collection. In addition to five colors inspired by McQueen's style, the new range also includes ultra-luxurious, limited editions with platinum lenses.

The strong, masculine design embodies McQueen's style and attitude. Even without motorcycles and bags full of stolen money, these glasses exude a rebellious spirit and belong to the Alley of the Greats, where they are now located.

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