Loafers - seasonal must-have

Are you in the mood to make a change in your fashion arsenal this colder season?

Although it is unlikely that we will soon be free to flaunt and march through the city streets, winning with our stylings at business meetings, events and parties, we do not want to give up all the new trends that have conquered the world of fashion.

Although boots and shoes are the main element of any clothing combination as soon as we see the first trace of frost and morning fog, numerous other fashion accessories can provide us with plenty of inspiration and opportunities to create great outfits. One of them is moccasins, which are slowly but surely conquering our Instagram feeds. The versatile slip-on silhouette, which in itself looks chic enough, and even more modern when combined with socks, can easily be included in formal and casual clothing combinations.

This time we decided to share with you our favorites this year, which include models with the signatures of brands such as Maison Margiela, Gucci, Prada, Off-White ™ and many others. Discover them in the gallery

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