Louis Vuitton presents the fourth edition of Articapucines bags

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More photos

Art can really be worn, and that's what Louis Vuitton allows us with their Capucines bags!

The brand recently launched the fourth edition of the Articapucines series in collaboration with talented artists. In fact, Louis Vuitton invited six leading contemporary artists to transform Capucines bags and create limited edition works of art from the blank canvas.

Amelie Bertrand, Daniel Buren, Ugo Rondinone, Peter Marino, Park Seo-Bo and Kennedy Yanko have brought their unique creative visions to the timeless design of the bag.

Amelie Bertrand designed a glow-in-the-dark bag inspired by the stunning sunsets of her hometown of Cannes and presented in bold ombre hues.

Using black and white stripes, a trademark of French artist Daniel Buren, his creation plays with recognizable themes in an ingenious concept of "double design".

Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone presented a colourful design that pays homage to the clown and rainbow motifs often found in his work. He created a playful harlequin-style bag covered in over 14,000 hand-stitched beads.

Peter Marino stayed true to his love of architecture by creating his version inspired by a medieval trunk he found in Venice.

Korean artist Park Seo-Bo's ornate bag features one of his 2016 paintings, "Ecriture," which he painted together with his grandson.

Kennedy Janko recreated the silhouette using 3D printed leather and a metallic patina hand-applied by Italian artisans.

The artists’ creations launched last week at a price of $10,500. Each bag will be presented in its own specially designed gift box and will be available in a limited edition of just 2,002 pieces.

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