Marc Jacobs launches the perfect winter bag

Although we may miss the days full of sunshine, summer wardrobe, sunglasses and sandals, autumn and winter are definitely exciting seasons, which will be confirmed by all fashion lovers…

To help you find the ideal pair in the form of accessories with all your winter pieces, Marc Jacobs has just introduced three new sherpa tote bags, which are ideal for colder weather. Named The Small Traveler, these bags have a simple but statement look. Coming in a classic tote silhouette, each bag is characterized by warm sherpa material.

The contrasting design and label that says THE TOTE BAG can be seen from the front. When it comes to colors, they offer dusty pink, dark blue and black. The bag can be worn in the hand, over the shoulders or diagonally over the body, thanks to the long black strap. Emphasizing the functionality of these models, the famous designer added an inner pocket as well as a lining.

The bags can be bought right now, with a price starting at $ 250.

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