McLaren presents a new collection of sunglasses

McLaren often surprises us with impeccable versions of their amazing supercars, but today, we’re talking about something completely different…

The latest edition of the company is actually a collection of modern shades and glasses, called Mclaren Vision Collection, which was designed in collaboration of French specialists for optics, L’Amy Group. The new range will be available for purchase really soon, with prices which go from 300 dollars for basic frames, all the way to 2.000 dollars for a pair in the Bespoke range, which uses face scans and 3D printed frames made of titanium.

Vision collection is divided in three parts: Core, Premium and Bespoke, with different styles in each line, innovative designs and best materials. Each pair from this collection is equipped with Leica Eyecare sunshades which are treated with AquaDura Vision anti-reflective, hydrophobic and oleo phobic layer.

In the collection, there are five pairs of glasses, and each pair is adapted for a special surroundings. Driving Lenses come with precisely layered color, which is specially designed to improve contrast and view of the road.  

Golfing Lenses contain maximal contrast, while Outdoor has a reflective finish and polarizing filter. Urban Lenses have a neutral color, perfect for all light surroundings, while Yachting Lenses have a special reflective finish and polarization, in order to diminish the influence of sunrays and water reflection.


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