Not your ordinary shoes

Some people are made to enjoy the nicer side of life, and some people are there to allow them to do so…

This is precisely the case with Birmingham jeweler Chris Shellisand - his creations from the House of Borgezei are not only suitable for the royal family or the category close to it. In fact, he is now committed to creating footwear that is gem-decorated.

As it seems to us, his opinion is the following: the rich, the famous and the blue-blooded, wore quite enough ornaments on their heads and necks, which is why he now decided to decorate their shoes as well. We must admit immediately that no one complained about his ideas, nor categorically rejected them.

His brand, House of Borgezei, created Angel Wing Stilettos of 18k gold, with 2,000 light diamonds. If you know this name, then you probably remember it because of the fact that pop icon, Beyonce, wore one of his pairs, which cost $ 260,000 a little earlier. The new shoes he signs are almost twice as expensive and cost $ 390,000.

Many people immediately became fond of his exclusive and unique creations, decorated with rows of gemstones. The straps of the sandals are decorated with gold Fleur de lys, while the part that goes around the ankle has a Borgezie - Empowerment Angel print. If you've been thinking of buying one of these pieces, know that you can order them in white or yellow gold.

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