Police arrested members of organization caught reselling Hermes

Ilegalna organizacija prodavala markirane torbe.jpg

Through a strategy of hiring fake customers, who bought silhouettes available in boutiques…

Getting to Hermes Birkin and Kelly bag models is not that easy. Recently, one illegal organization was caught reselling luxury models, at a price that is even higher than the original. Earlier this week, the group we are talking about bought the bags and resold them at a higher price for which they can be bought in Hermes boutiques in France and across Europe, but fortunately French police managed to arrest ten suspects, including the ringleader, who is a Frenchman originally from Tunisia.

Over the past four years, this unauthorized business has bought about half of the bags produced by the French fashion house. Their strategy included the use of acting students or other people engaged through social networks, who played the roles of customers interested in buying models. According to reports, "fake customers" earned about 500 euros a day, while police estimate that the income of this illegal organization reaches several million.

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