Rent a Gucci purse for $ 31

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With the aim of making fashion accessible and available to everyone, a luxury rental company has emerged in the world - My Wardrobe HQ…

Led by former Topshop brand CEO Jenna Shepperson, the company offers phenomenal service that has grown in popularity in the past, and will now open at the famed Liberty department store in Soho.

As part of their campaign dedicated to the sharing economy, My Wardrobe HQ have recently opened a pop-up boutique within the London space. The boutique offers you hand-picked pieces found by Liberty department store experts, each available with an incredibly affordable rental price. Among other things, there is a Gucci bag that you can carry for $ 31 per day, with a maximum rental period of two weeks. Clients can also lend their pieces to this company and make some money.

Commenting on his pop-up boutique, Sheperdson states, “A sales presence will give us a chance to talk about one-on-one rentals. There is still a perception in the world that rented clothes must be dirty, but when you feel the quality we offer, you will be convinced to the contrary. " So why buy if you can rent?

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