Do you want to feel like Scheherazade of 1001 Nights?

Now you can, with the most expensive and most luxurious ballet shoes in the world - Josefinas Persian Blue Salt. Josefinas is otherwise Portuguese brand of footwear, led by designer Philipa Julio. She wanted to create something elegant and casual, to honor her past in which she was a ballerina, especially while celebrating the future of all modern ladies from Portugal. She believes that the handmade shoe has uniqueness and mystique of one gem. After years of searching for the perfect material, testing and trying out different options, she has created beautiful ballet slippers, decorated with hand-made piece of jewelry made of gold and blue topaz, which reflects the union of the two concepts.

Josefinas Blue Persian Salt ballet inspired by the beauty of this rarity and minerals are a major part of her new line, which was inspired by luxury travel stories from 1001 nights. Royal blue colored ballet slippers decorated with unique pendants cost around $ 4,000 and are available exclusively in the boutiques of the brand.

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