The most expensive shoes in the world

A little less known but still effective brand from the USA - Athletic Propulsion Labs, have just introduced a new model of sneakers, which is really unique...

Made of crocodile skin, dipped in 24-karat gold, this limited edition sneakers have already received the title of most expensive shoes ever, and they attracted more attention than any other model.

Otherwise, the brand was founded in 2009 by the twins Adam and Ryan Goldstone, with the aim of combining design and performance with the vision of creating goods that moved all the limits of the possible and the impossible. Focusing mainly on sports equipment, the company is known for its revolutionary range of footwear and accessories for men and women.

This duo has now unveiled their new shoes made of crocodile skin, and they will supposedly last forever. The creation of this design is the result of two years of research. Moreover, each pair of these shoes is made to order, which means that you cannot walk into a store, buy them and get in them. You must wait patiently for 12 weeks for your pair.

With a price tag of $ 20,000, these shoes are currently available in Dubai - and where else would they fit better - and on the website APL brand.

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