Top 10 bags for the beach

Planning a vacation to the beach? Well, these bags will be everything you need for a modern and chic look!

This time we present you ten ideal beach bags, into which you can fit all your belongings, while you look chic and modern, like you’re on the catwalk. If you followed our portal, then you know that we have already presented the top 10 swimwear and perfumes for the year, so now the bags complete the story. Here are the best, in our opinion:

Kayu St Tropez

This handmade bag is created from natural sea grass and has very durable handles and structural silhouette, which makes it ideal for just relaxing outing on the town and a visit to the beach.

Tommy Hilfiger Rope Handle Beach Duffle

Sea-inspired stripes are characteristic of each summer season, as a true timeless detail that simply will never go out of fashion. And when the bag with this pattern is created by Tommy Hilfiger brand, then you know that this is the right premium.

Mango Straw Bag

This durable bag of straw has enough room for towels, your favorite books or magazines, and of course the inevitable sunscreen. Interior of the bag is made of high quality fabric with zipper to safely carry items and it certainly contributes to the beauty of this whole design.

Muzungu Sisters Mirror Embroidered Tote

This bag with geometric embroidery, decorated with mirrors, beads, coins and burnished pom-poms, is entirely hand-made in India like a true work of skilled artists. It is intended primarily for going to the beach, but we are sure that with a good outfit look, it’d be perfect for a relaxed afternoon walk.

Urban Outfitters Souvenir San Francisco Tote Bag

Kitsch graphics that adorn this bold bag by Urban Outfitters brand is different from all others. Contribute a little more this harmonious discord, by for example adding a funky badge or key ring.

Bohemia Mini Market Pom Pom Baskets

This bag is big enough to carry all your necessities for the beach - towels, books, magazines, water, snacks and cream, and is available in fun colors like turquoise, magenta and indigo blue.

Zara Tote with Cord Detail

Zara Tote bag in mustard color with golden details has a small bag with a zip fastener inside, into which you can drop off important things like keys and documents.

Kayu Kama Tote

If there is a bag that we’d carry everywhere - on the beach, and the city, and for lunch and absolutely all the other places that we’ll visit this summer, then this is the bag.

Forever 21 Striped Canvas Bag

Bags with stripes are characteristic of the summer, and a perfect companion to all those ladies who need a long time to get ready for the beach and carry all they need and do not need with themselves - just in case.

La Ligne

This bag is pure classic - made of straw, but it fits with any outfit. It is the work of a new fashion brand La Ligne, so you can be the first brave lady who will take it and show everyone your style.

Whichever bag you choose, remember that the essence of vacation, especially beach vacation is entertainment, relaxation and relaxation, in large doses!

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