An incredible blend of fashion and function: Dior presents protection for its B31 model

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More photos

Wanting to protect their precious shoes from stormy weather, Dior created high-fashion mudguards (as this protection is colloquially called) …

Dior continues to dominate the world of footwear, adding (as they say) an innovative and thoughtful shield to its futuristic B31 model. If it reminds you of a mandatory part of the work uniform of hospital and sanitary staff, we won't blame you, because you're definitely not the only one.

The head designer of the men's footwear department of the famous brand, Thibo Denis, initially gave the first glimpse of this model to all his fans during the summer 2022 fashion show, without a protective barrier. Continuing its utilitarian aesthetic, the sneakers have been given a durable shape, suitable for hiking and various off-grid adventures. Coming in two colour schemes, both options are grounded in a khaki green shade, while the upper is created from mesh that is further accented with earthy or electric blue tones. In addition, the B31 also gets the Quicklace system, for quick and easy putting on shoes.

New, protective accessories guard the front part of the sneakers, the soles, the sides and the part of the heel as well, creating a kind of barrier between them and the impurities you may encounter along the way.

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