Ana de Armas as a Vision of Elegance in Estée Lauder Lipstick Campaign

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More photos

Ana de Armas captivates in Estée Lauder's latest advertisement, radiating with the opulent glow of the new Re-Nutriv Diamond Serum Lipcolor.

The atmosphere is luxurious and intimate as the actress introduces the world to a lipstick imbued with the allure of precious gemstones. In one striking image, de Armas exudes timeless elegance, her lips painted with the soft sophistication of the 'Briolette' shade—a tone that echoes the gentle grace of its namesake diamond cut. This muted pink hue speaks of delicate dawn colors, perfectly complementing her radiant complexion.

Transitioning to a bolder narrative, another frame captures her in a sultry pose, lips daring in red, harmonizing with her manicured nails. The diamond jewelry she wears pays tribute to the inspiration behind the collection.

This treasure trove of colors spans a spectrum of twelve shades, with names inspired by their diamond counterparts and shade numbers that reflect the grandeur of carat weights. This limited-edition Estée Lauder line is now available at a price of $100, hinting at the luxury within.

Since stepping into the ambassador role in 2021, de Armas has become synonymous with the sophistication that Estée Lauder embodies today in 2024.

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