Bulgari is completely changing the world of perfumes

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The power of fragrances has now received new support from the world-renowned brand Bulgari and we can immediately say that perfumes will never smell the same again…

In fact, that’s exactly the ethos of the brand’s latest olfactory collection called Allegra. The playful collection of fragrances will keep pace with your changing mood with the help of five perfumes: Dolce Estasi, Fantasia Veneta, Fiodi d’Amore, Riva Solare and Rock’n’Rome, with five special empowered essences designed to create layers.

Created by perfumer Jacques Cavalier, the fragrances will gain new vibrations and develop new abilities with the help of the aforementioned essences. Realizing the fact that there are no two identical women in the world and that no one will use the same fragrance for the rest of their lives, the Italian luxury brand has designed this collection of perfumes and essences with a new concept. The thing is actually quite simple: the Allegra collection allows its users to customize their own fragrances using five perfumes and five essences, which ultimately leaves a fragrance that is exclusively yours and the perfect representative of your personality.

Riva Solare fragrance is based on citrus, and brings with it a combination of orange and osmanthus, with musky base notes. Dolce Estasi is a powdery floral fragrance with key notes that include Italian citrus, heliotrope and musk. Fantasia Veneta is an intoxicating scent like Italian party with an irresistible combination of red peach, Indonesian patchouli and vanilla. With key notes such as Turkish and Bulgarian rose and raspberry, Fiori D’Amore is a magnificent bouquet of fresh roses.

To make your own version, you can choose one of five fragrances, and combine them with essences, which add new heights to each perfume with the help of notes such as bergamot, musk, rose, patchouli and vanilla. The Bvlgari Allegra collection costs $ 263 for 50ml, $ 375 for 100ml, and $ 300 for 40ml essences.

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