It’s safe to say that the summer beauty calendar doesn’t truly kick start until Dior have showcased their latest lust-worthy offering...

This year’s limited edition range is the Bird of Paradise Summer Collection, and I think you’ll agree it’s something pretty special.

The inspiration for the collection is the mythical Bird of Paradise – or, more specifically, its shimmering, multi-coloured wings. You can definitely spot this theme running all the way through, not just in the colours, but in the textures of each of the new and limited edition products. They’re silky soft and plush, with radiant finishes that shift and change like feathers.

For the skin, it’s all about a bare and tanned look, with golden hues that are designed to glimmer in the sunlight.  For eyes and nails the look is distinctly bold, iridescent and multi-layered, with colours ranging from azure blue to indigo. Lips feature a pop of alluring coral, pink and peach to accent the tropical blue.

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